H&M Brand Post The New Ladies Sports Wear Style

- Jan 11, 2018 -

H&M brand post the new ladies sports wear style

The trend of sports fashion is spreading to more and more fashion brands. Recently, Swedish fashion retail giant H&M and British lifestyle retailer Joules have launched a new series of women's sports products.

H&;M the latest women's clothing series products are part of its Conscious series, as well as the first environmental movement women's clothing series, the company said the new series will be highly functional, fashionable design and using sustainable materials to make new clothes;

For new as long sport in nature and sports women for inspiration, products include tights, sports bra, hoodies and jackets, suitable for training, sports such as running and yoga Through the green, black and beige printing, emphasized the nature and sustainability, at the same time, all the products are main material is recycled polyester and spandex;

The functional details include moisture absorption and seamless design, as well as built-in support devices and ventilation holes. In the design, cross braces and decorative fabrics are used for H&M sportswear chief designer Petra Smeds introduced that the new series adopts a completely new weaving process, which can reduce the use of yarn and thus reduce the waste of fabrics

The series was launched late last week at a global designated store and will be available on Thursday at H&M's online store last December,H&M group has announced that it will launch an Internet brand called Nyden in early 2018 for millennium customers.

British fashion and lifestyle brand Joule through website launched the first movement of women's clothing series, including pants, t-shirts, vest, bra, long sleeve blouse and zipper sweater products, the series will be in stores later this month;

New series in nature and British rural amorous feelings, for inspiration, printed Joules unique hand-painted design, specific functions include ventilation breathable, moisture absorption perspiration at the same time equipped with comfortable belt and bag (to phone), the price of $24.95 from $24.95 T-shirt to jersey;

Colin Porter, the company's chief executive, says the brand derives inspiration from everyday life and nature, and sports fashion is a natural extension of the category.;

Full of amorous feelings of the British countryside Joules design and sell women's clothing The infant child of men's clothing and household products, its predecessor by Ian Joule was founded in 1977, later, his son Tom Joule took over after the brand and expand greatly, which has 97 stores in the UK and Ireland, is John Lewis and Next Label British best-selling major retailers such as brand, in addition to business e-commerce sites;

Joules continue to expand international business in recent years, in North America and Germany opened the electric business Joule, adhere to the channel strategy, including retail (stores and electricity), wholesale and other small channels (such as franchise, etc)

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